Have you considered the way that maybe the things that you are putting on your skin is the fundamental issue? Here are very few things that you shouldn't anytime be put on the face.


Your skin has a low pH of around 5.4-5.9 that is essential to keep up strong skin. Cleansers have a pH around 9-10 and can change the pH of your skin and cause skin irritating, awareness's and dry skin. 

Hair Splash

Hair shower isn't your replacement for setting sprinkle. While setting shower immerses your skin, animates and helps the make-up to stay on for long, hair sprinkle prompts skin issues like skin irritation, dry skin and skin aggravations. 

Body Moisturizer

This is in like manner an ordinary stumble that people do. Body creams are thicker in consistency, contain savage artificial materials and can plug up your skin pores causing diverse skin issues. 

High temp Water

A bubbling water shower is very loosening up. In any case, using super-high temp water to wash and clean your face will strip the clamminess of your skin, provoking your skin conveying impressively more sebum and thus achieving skin issues like deterred pores likewise, skin irritation. 


Putting on a few toothpaste over zits to calm them down is a proposal we get a ton. While it gives off an impression of being a brilliant idea to fight skin break out, toothpaste contains perilous artificial materials that can hurt your skin after a long enough time-line and besides trigger skin pestering. 


There's an inspiration driving why putting lemon on your hair makes it go lighter in the sun, and it should be a notification not to put it near your skin 


Sugar is a common fixing in various Do-It-Yourself face cleans. While it has some extraordinary exfoliant attributes, it will in general be grinding for your skin. Usage can provoke irritation, redness and dryness of the skin 

Baking Soda

An adaptable fixing, warming soda is used for certain things. As a result of its multipurpose nature, you might have used it to fix skin irritation too. In any case, warming soda pop is fundamental in nature and may cost your skin, its pH balance